Aurora HD 24″ desktop video magnifier

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The 24″ Zoomax desktop video magnifier Aurora HD combines cutting-edge camera technology with a variety of user requirements. It attends to your specific operational demands at various operating levels. When you read comfortably, your eyes will not strain as much. The folding, flexible, swivel monitor allows you to conveniently carry out a variety of chores in various orientations. More material can be viewed with 24″ widescreen.



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High Definition Image (HD)

With the sharpest HD camera and cutting-edge auto focus technology, Zoomax Aurora HD offers visually impaired individuals the clearest and most enjoyable images. The crisp edges of the letters, at various magnification levels, and the motions promise ease of reading and writing. Among the 17 different color options, you may also choose your preferred color mode. As a result, you won’t have as much eye fatigue whether reading the newspaper or paying your bills, looking through your favorite jewelry, coins, or stamp collections, signing papers, or even writing letters. The vibrant colors on the screen make it impossible to miss any surprises whether you like looking at photographs or colorful periodicals.

Aurora HD Video magnifier

9 Individualized configurations

Foldable and portable screen
You may read aloud to friends or read culinary instructions from various perspectives.

  • 24” widescreen
  • More information at once or a detailed view of the big picture.
  • Adaptable lighting and a customized lighting location
  • A comfortable reading environment without distracting glare or shadows.
  • Plug and play
  • No issues with installation. Enjoy reading right now.
  • Pen slot
  • Always reserve your creative ideas for later.
  • Bottle holder
  • No matter the size, it can be adjusted for your reading, little or large.
  • One button to lock each individual XY table
  • Magnify the whole page for anytime reading.
  • Large, clearly visible buttons
  • Simple to remember and get to.
  • Individual XY table handles
  • Steadily control the reading material

Aurora HD customizable positions

Advanced And Basic Functions

At various operating levels, Aurora HD takes care of your specific operational demands. You may choose between basic and sophisticated operating modes.

Zoom in/out, the five default color options, brightness control, and the find feature are basic features.

Freeze frame, focus lock, reading lines and windows, and 17 different color modes are advanced features.

Aurora HD with different configurations



Camera 1280 x 720 pixels auto focus
Screen 1920 x 1080 pixels 24” LCD
Color modes 17 alternative color modes
Multi-function Zoom in/out, Color modes adjustment, Brightness adjustment, Freeze frame,
Multi-function Focus lock, Find feature, Reading lines and windows, Memory setting
Workspace under the camera 18 cm
Net weight 15.8 kg





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