Luna 8 Video Magnifier

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Zoomax Low Vision Aids’ Luna 8 is a portable electronic video magnifier. The 8 hours of additional battery life, lightweight construction, and small size make it ideal for use anywhere. Luna 8 is the ideal companion for magnifying anything you want to view, whether reading a book or newspaper at home, using it for schoolwork, or bringing it to work.


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A Long Battery Life of 8 Hours

Luna 8 not only has an 8 inch screen, but exceptionally, your Luna 8 can read for up to 8 hours on a single charge. The Luna 8 video magnifier gives you a longer and more pleasurable reading experience as one of the devices with the longest battery life available. Luna 8 is undoubtedly your finest visual companion due to how well it shows the information and visuals.

Luna 8 electronic magnifier with reading stand

Handheld Magnifier Luna 8 with Extreme Simplicity

Enjoy the simple life, coffee, and sunlight. The Zoomax Luna 8 is the right video magnifier for you if you value simplicity and excellent picture quality. There is no need to worry about any complicated advanced features. Just the ability to zoom in and out, high contrast for reading, and a camera button for snapping pictures of objects to review later. Seniors or those with severe vision issues won’t have to put much effort into learning how to utilize the Luna 8 in a minute. Luna 8 also starts up quickly. Perfect!

Simple to use Luna electronic magnifier

Use Luna 8 wherever you are going.

Take Luna 8 with you everywhere you go, whether it be home, work, or school. In addition to being simple to use for reading, Luna 8 is also quite practical for outdoor activities. Its distant viewing feature allows you to see the menu board in restaurants or the slides shown in the conference room. It is portable and strong for those with vision impairment to use. Luna 8 is the ideal portable magnifier for prolonged use because to its exceptional 8-hour battery life.

the portable Luna 8 electronic magnifier

Stay Current With Modern Life

Everyone’s style is compatible with Luna 8. The majority of people will prefer the sleek, matte, textured surface with white on black buttons of the modern electronic devices. This electronic video magnifier enhances your appearance rather than using an optical magnification. It improves your visual life while being fashionable and self-assured.

Luna 8 electronic magnifier



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