Panda HD Video Magnifier

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The Zoomax Panda HD delivers the most desirable features of a complete desktop electronic magnifier, including a sharp, high-definition picture, simple operation, efficient use of space, and a moveable screen design. Prepared for the immersive experience of the big screen?


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A Constantly Sharp Image at Every Level

The Zoomax Panda HD, which has a high definition camera and a 19-inch screen, offers clear images for full-page reading at all skill levels. You may read children’s letters, play hobbies, or do your schoolwork. It is extremely Clear.

Panda HD desktop video magnifier

Simple For Everyone To Use

Anyone, particularly older citizens, may simply zoom in/out, alter high contrast colors, and adjust brightness by just 3 large, straightforward buttons without having to repeatedly memorize anything. Years of low vision study have been used to determine the position and purpose of each knob, resulting in the most user-friendly interface possible.

Panda HD user friendly interface

Unexpectedly Eye-Catching and Space-Saving Look

Plug it in, then read. Panda HD’s small footprint is ideal for the apartment. Your eyes are drawn to high contrast black and white designs, both in appearance and on buttons. Compared to other desktop video magnifiers, it is simple for visually challenged persons to access and use.

High quality, affordable, and improved experience

The high-quality desktop CCTV Panda HD delivers a fantastic reading experience at a reasonable price with upgrades to both the hardware and software.

Panda HD video magnifier



Camera High Definition, Auto focus, Resolution ratio 1280 x 720p
Magnification Range 2x – 70x
Screen 19″ LCD screen, movable
High Contrast Color Mode 17 color modes
Favorite color modes? Full color + 4 favorite color modes
Functions Zoom in/out; Switch color mode; Adjust brightness; Save recent setting
Free working height under the camera 26 cm
Total weight Approximate 17.3 kg



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