6X (20D) Stand Illuminated Magnifier

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6X (20D) Stand Illuminated Magnifier with a 50mm Aspheric Lens
“Natural White” Super-Bright Multi-Chip SMD LED by Mattingly

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The SMARTMag® 6x LED stand magnifiers employ the whitest LEDs available (in comparison to European LED magnifier manufacturers*). The improved contrast will be welcomed by your patients.

The LEDs in the SMARTMag® 6x stand are intended to provide a wide, even field of light without any blue or purple “bright spots.”

For patients who find the regular 8mm “High Contrast White” LEDs excessively bright, an optional yellow, teal, or 5mm white LED may be the solution.

Expanded power range for patients’ greatest options. The stands come in 10 powers ranging from 3X to 14X. The ratings for the magnifiers are “X” and “D.”

Battery life is extended with LEDs. three “AA” batteries are needed for the 6x.

With every LED stand magnifier are cases. The magnifiers are protected by sturdy boxes.

Switches that are robustly reinforced and are blue in contrast. The 6x mounting and handle are white.

Lifetime Limited Warranty.

A  lifetime warranty for LEDs is provided.

All magnifier boxes come with instructions with large print and a warranty.

High contrast battery directing images are present in the battery compartments on the 6x and others.

Distances at which to see objects for the greatest available optics.


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