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How would it feel to have your clear vision back by a 
simple Low Vision Aid

The Benefits

Get all the information regarding low vision condition, low vision aids, support information for a family member suffering with Macular Degeneration and other Low vision diseases. Empowered with information you can then get access to a Low Vision Specialist near you.

Our bioptic telescope glasses will allow you to safely see street signs and pass your driver’s test.

Being visually impaired doesn’t mean you cannot do your daily activities. A Low Vision Aid can help you keep an independent life style.

Microscope glasses, handheld magnifiers and other electronic low vision aids make reading possible again.

Our network of low vision specialists are available inn almost every state. And in most cases can travel to a city close to you.

Get an immediate free phone consultation from one of our low vision specialist.

All devices are available to try before you buy.


Want to know more about Low Vision?

Low vision is a condition in which the visual acuity or visual field is decreased to the point where glasses, contacts, or medical treatments cannot correct it to the level for which people can still do normal daily activities.

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Low Vision Aids

There are many different types of low vision aids, all of which are to help the visually impaired see and function more efficiently in their daily environment. Low vision aids for the elderly such as bioptic telescope glasses help them to continue seeing well enough to drive a car. Low vision devices such as microscope glasses can help the visually impaired to read and write. There are many electronic low vision devices that enlarge print for reading, take pictures of fast food menus or the page of a book and actually read it to the person.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing people with vision loss a high functioning, high quality of life. Helping our patients maintain independence, mobility and safety. We specialize in prescribing low vision aids that are hands free and the most optically advance devices available. Our member doctors do this with compassion, integrity and with the most education and professionalism in the industry.